Friday, May 04, 2012

Dishonoring Unions

“Credibility, we don’t need no steenkin credibility,” seems to be the mantra of the NFL Players’ Association. Countering the wave of sympathy from the death of Junior Seau, we have the NFLPA filing a “grievance” claiming that players cannot be disciplined for their participation in the “bounty system” run by the Saints last year.

My reaction to the disciplinary announcement was that it was grossly insufficient, since the league determined that between 22 and 27 players participated in the program but that only four of them would receive penalty for it, but the NFLPA claims that punishing even the four most grievous offenders is not okay.

The defense of “I was merely following orders” was ruled non-exculpatory at the Nuremberg trails many years ago. Pretty much the entire defense of the New Orleans Saints is as guilty as dirt, and they are trying to get away with their crimes in every underhanded and cowardly manner that they can think of. They give the word “union” a bad name, and they are taking some of the enjoyment out of the game for me. I'm not sure I want to cheer for this kind of people.

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Arthur said...

Hmph! I know that I want to boo these sort of people!

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