Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liberal After All

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Obama actually said something that could be considered liberal, and he didn’t hedge it; he just came out with a real, live, honest to goodness position. Suck on that Republicans.

Of course, as usual, the parade was well formed, waving its signs and halfway down the block before he got in front of it, but that’s his normal leadership style. No, he doesn’t “lead from the rear,” he leads from the front; he just waits until there is a very well-defined front before he gets there.

A certain amount of criticism has been raised because he went on to say that the issue should be left up to individual states, but there’s nothing radical about that since this always has been an issue decided by state laws. It is a bit curious that he is so protective of the prerogatives of states on marriage and less so on medical marijuana, health care and immigration enforcement issues, but I’m sure he has good reasons for that. I’m being generic when I say “good reasons,” because I’m not very sure that I would agree with his reasons.

Speaking of immigration, CBS News said that this announcement is going to cost Obama votes among Hispanic Catholic and Evangelical voters, stressing how important the Hispanic vote is to him. I’m not sure why any Hispanic would vote for Obama given that he has deported more people, mostly Hispanic, than all of his predecessors combined. But then I’m not Hispanic, or a journalist, so what do I know?

This “demographic campaign” thing is getting out of hand. I wonder how Obama’s support of gay marriage will affect the votes of left handed Lithuanian bricklayers? That may be important if it turns out that he needs the support of left handed Lithuanian bricklayers.

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