Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Land of Magic, Again

In his victory dance in Afghanistan Obama again cited the magical properties of that nation in the War on Terror, saying that “And so, 10 years ago, the United States and our allies went to war to make sure that al Qaeda could never again use this country to launch attacks against us.”

Because, you know, an attack launched from Afghanistan is so much more devastating than an attack launched from anywhere else. Not that we would have definitive proof of that, because the attack of 9/11 was actually launched from Boston, Massachusetts, right here in the good old USA. The attack was conceived and planned in Germany, training for it took place in Fort Lauderdale and San Diego, and the people who carried it out came from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Afghanistan played the same role in 9/11 that the West Wing played in the attack on Bin Laden, namely to say “Go ahead” on a procedure that was planned elsewhere and would be carried out by unrelated forces. Obama is doing the same thing that Bin Laden did, taking credit for something that was planned by people smarter than he is and carried out by people braver than he is.

And he has the gall to prate about the courage required to give the order for the mission. If the mission failed he would be embarrassed, but the people deployed on the mission would be dead. I do not regard risking embarrassment as courage. Obama is playing the role of the typical REMF; taking credit for what other people risked their lives to accomplish.


bruce said...

would you prefer he go and lead them personally? That hasn't been done in 150 years... someone has to be the REMF, but they shouldn't crow about it.

Jayhawk said...

Someone has to be "RE" but he doesn't have to contribute the "MF" part to it. And, yes, I would prefer that before crowing like he deserves the credentials he would have first at least served in uniform, if not led within that sphere of endeavor.

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