Thursday, May 03, 2012

Conclusion Jumping Abounds

Now here is a classic case of jumping to conclusions. Junior Seau is a former football player who took his own life, therefor we can conclude without further evidence that he suffered from traumatic brain injury and took his life as a result of it.

He also was divorced and appeared to be having trouble with relationships, since he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend a couple of years ago. He spoke frequently of the difficulty he had giving up playing football and only reluctantly retired, finally doing so pretty much only because no NFL team would sign him. The man had many good things in his life, but he also had unhappiness and we do not know what led him to end it all.

Yes, his brain may have been damaged by repeated physical insults suffered during his football career, but that is 100% speculation at this point and making such assumptions as this writer and others have done is irresponsible and stupid.

I liked Junior a lot and admired the role he lived in the community of San Diego. I went to his club a time or two and, while sports bars are not my thing, I enjoyed the evenings I spent there. The place is by no means a monument to himself; although there is a good bit of Chargers memorabilia there and certainly some Seau treasures are on display, it is all done in very nice taste. He was a good guy and he will be missed, and exploiting his misfortune for the purpose of grinding one’s own axe is despicable.

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