Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Lord, Krugman Again

Krugman is part of the echo chamber which falls in line with the dogma which decries that any Democrat who disagrees with the President has destroyed his political future. Democrats, it seems, are turning into a party which demands lockstep loyalty to it’s “great leader” much as Republicans at one time accused as “un-American” anyone who dared disagree with George W. Bush. Krugman says today,

I didn’t know this, but apparently Booker is so close to his Wall Street donors that it never occurred to him that echoing their over-the-top reactions to Obama’s very mild populism would destroy his own political future (which I believe it has).

Calling Romney a “vampire” is “very mild populism” in Krugman’s book.

Perhaps Booker was harking back to the Obama campaign of “hope” and “change” in 2008, which ran on positives, eschewed negativity and specifically rejected the use of ad hominem attacks.

Perhaps he was nauseated by the transmogrification of Obama into a standard, nasty, political attack dog no different than the mongrel pack in which he runs, when he had been filled with such “hope for change” in the style and demeanor which Obama had promised to bring to Washington.

Perhaps he thought that the personal attacks were beneath the dignity of a sitting president.

Perhaps he thought that, since Romney had specifically rejected the Jeremiah Wright attack campaign, that Obama should leave the personal attacks to the surrogates and not join in them himself.

Perhaps he thought that Obama should especially not use the Jeremiah Wright attack campaign as “justification” for his “vampire” attacks given that Romney had personally rejected that campaign and is prohibited by law from directing the activities of the PACs that are running it.

Perhaps he thought that Obama should not be running a attack campaign which contains only a grain of truth and a great deal of falsehood. The purpose of venture capital is to fund companies, and some 80% of the companies funded by Bain Capital have thrived in the long run.

This whole thing is based on one steel company which failed two years after Romney was no longer actively running Bain Capital. Bain put money into that company; how is that the action of a “vulture,” pray tell? They took some profit from that venture. Did they do that while the company was losing money? Show me. The company failed. Foreign steel was killing the industry in those years; a lot of steel companies failed about that time, including one that I worked for, and no venture capital company ever came within a proverbial hundred miles of the one I worked for. Show me that Bain was the proximate cause of that failure.

More than 80% of the companies hiring in San Diego right now are biotech companies, and while some have since been bought by major corporations they are, every single one of them, startups funded by venture capital firms exactly like Bain Capital. Show me the evil there. Show me.

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