Thursday, May 31, 2012

Political Blindness

It continues to baffle me that American leadership so stubbornly refuses to see what is displayed so clearly right in front of its nose, or at least pretends to do so.

We are still prattling about the danger of Iran developing a nuclear weapon because if it did so, “that would start an nuclear arms race in the Middle East.” Israel, last time I looked, is in the Middle East and has a whole bunch of nuclear weapons, so if one accepts the premise that Iran is, in fact, attempting to develop a nuclear weapon then there is already an ongoing nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Of course, no one with an IQ above room temperature believes that Iran is actually developing nuclear weapons, which rather renders the point moot.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is hyperventilating about the “window closing” on the opportunity to prevent Syria from having a civil war. With pitched battles being fought throughout the country and thousands dying of gunfire and artillery, one has to wonder what, exactly, her definition of “civil war” is.

And, of course, President Obama is telling Syria’s Assad to “step down.” I wonder how he would respond if the president of Pakistan got fed up with us firing missiles into his country from unmanned drones and called on President Obama to “step down.” I’m pretty sure that Obama would tell him to do something to himself that is morally repugnant and physically impossible.

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