Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leaving Afghanistan

If we are going to leave in two years regardless of conditions on the ground, why not leave now? If we have not been able to train the Afghan Army in the last ten years, what kind of training are we going to provide in the next two? If we have not reduced corruption in ten years of supposedly trying, how much progress will we make in the next two years?

Why not leave now and save $2 trillion and a lot of American lives?

Because the election is not until November, and Obama does not want images of American troops exiting Afghanistan during his reelection campaign. He does not care about the lives that will be lost in the next two years, so long as he is successfully reelected. He does not care about the trillions of dollars that it will cost the American taxpayers for his reelection. He just needs to be sure that preparations for the ignominious exit from Afghanistan does not occur until after he is safely reelected.

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bruce said...

or if he is defeated, the "blame" won't be his...

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