Monday, August 30, 2010

Terror Campaign

Wow, I think that Paul Krugman actually does believe that Republicans will kill all first born sons of Democrats if they win.

There may be an element of validity to what he says but, my God, this campaigning on a basis of fear and terror has just got to stop. Republicans are preaching hate and fear against Muslims and now Democrats are preaching hate and fear against Republicans in ever stronger terms. Turning this nation into 310 million people cowering in foxholes clutching their pitchforks is not a solution for anything.

Update: There is a difference between saying that your opponent is wrong, which I encourage and, in the case of the Republicans, support, and trying to paint them as evil incarnate and something to be greatly feared, which is demagoguery and is inherently dishonest even when the facts which one is using are essentially correct.

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