Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Olbermann Is An Idiot

Olbermann’s show is increasingly competing with Limbaugh for the buffoonery title as Keith puts the liberal slant on facts in much the same manner that Limbaugh does for the right wing. Last night was an almost endless parade of misinterpretation of statements made by others.

First he tried to dismantle Republican fiscal policy by tangling up their policy proposals for the US budget with their campaign finance, blathering one moment about their tax proposals and with the next breath and in the same “news” item yammering about how much campaign funding each Republican candidate will receive. Republican fiscal policies are so incoherent in actuality that no real hyperbole is needed, but Olbermann is not going to let that stop him.

But, in fact, Republicans are tipping their hand somewhat about where they would get the money to pay for more tax cuts from the rich. Take it from the middle class and make Americans work longer before they can retire. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Republican favorite for president, suggests redeploying money from the stimulus which includes tax cuts for the least rich 95 percent of the country.

Pawlenty is not talking about the tax cuts in the stimulus but is, in fact, talking about project funding that has not yet been spent. As a policy it reeks, but it is not taking tax cuts from the poor and giving them to the rich as Olbermann would have you believe.

Then he brought on Arrianna Huffington and I hit “fast forward,” because Arianna Huffington has never in her entire life said one single word that I am the least bit interested in hearing. Olbermann himself is getting pretty marginal; Huffington…

All evening he was honking about Rand Paul, whom I regard as rather inconsequential since he is running for Senator in one of our smaller states and if he wins will constitute one percent of one house of our legislature. Given that I have no idea why a schoolboy prank that he may have pulled while in college is a matter of national importance, but apparently Olbermann thinks it is because he mentioned it some eight times on his “News and Commentary” hour and then had a discussion with a visiting pundit as to its meaning and eventual impact.

Then he equated Dick Cheney’s dismissal of polling against the Iraq war to the voting in Missouri against a portion of the Democratic health care plan. Yes, indeed, Keith, a public opinion poll and an election are exactly the same thing. Dick Cheney also followed that dismissal of polls with something about having referendums on wars, “they’re called elections” he said. The thing in Missouri was an election.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

Keith is a silly as they come. Not sure who is crazier though Keith or Chris Mathews.

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