Sunday, August 22, 2010

Proper Protest

Like many of the people in this nation, I am thoroughly disgusted with the way Congress is functioning, but even in the face of that I would have a difficult time voting for today's Republican Party. Not that I would mind voting against Boxer; she’s not bad, really, but she’s a little too much part of the establishment to suit me. Doing that would mean voting for Carly Fiorina, though, and… Gack! No! That is not even up for consideration.

Voting Republican, as a means of protesting the party currently in power, in the face of the racial hate mongering that they have engaged in the past weeks is even less possible for me. Juan Cole posits at Informed Comment that such race baiting is going to backfire on the Republican Party in the fall elections. I certainly hope so, but I’m not as certain as he seems to be. I wish I could be.

People who are fearful of what the future holds do not like to feel afraid; they would rather blame their problems on some outside cause and feel anger instead. Stoking that anger is all too easy as a route to power. It has been taken many times throughout history. It succeeds when men of good will do not speak out against it.

Others may do so, but this country does not succumb to fear. Speak out.

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  1. first paragraph: you DO NOT have to C.F. - there are other candidates, even though they have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. That is one of the nice things about a democracy, you can vote for who you want to (or not vote, which I think is ridiculous). If more people exibited disgust with the mainstream, ie 2 major parties and did not vote for them, then maybe 3rd parties would have more clout.

    Vote what you want to, how you feel, but vote! No vote is wasted, despite what naysayers would tell you. No fear! Thus I have spoken.