Sunday, August 22, 2010

Misplaced Priorities

The CBS crew that does the Chargers preseason games are the epitome of asininity in television broadcasting. At one point, for instance, the Chargers attempted a running play which resulted in a massive pileup of players and a one-yard loss. The announcer observed, “I don’t think he gained much.”

They keep engaging in lengthy interviews, during which they completely ignore the football game in progress. The interviews would be boring even if they were not insulting the viewers by ignoring the football game that we tuned in to watch, and they sometimes last through big plays, changes of possession and scoring plays.

At one point last night the Dallas Cowboys scored a touchdown during one of these interminable interviews and the announcer actually apologized because the crowd noise interrupted the interview process. That’s right, the announcer apologized to the interviewee because the football game interfered with the interview.

And if I am going to watch the NFL Channel, which is rather unlikely, I am going to have to devise some sort of mask to cover up that distracting advertising banner that runs continuously at the bottom. I do not need to know the telephone number for tickets to the Cincinnatti Bengals.

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