Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Denial of Planning Space

Obama is still on his theme where Afghanistan has some magical property that permits attack planning that cannot be done anywhere else in the world. If he has ever described what that property is, I have missed it, but he is convinced that attacks planned in Afghanistan are much more dangerous than attacks planned in, say, Yemen or Pakistan, notwithstanding the little fact that the last two actual attacks came from those two nations.

From a clip played on Hardball last night,

And if Afghanistan were to be engulfed by an even wider insurgency, al Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates would have even more space to plan their next attack. And as president of the United States, I refuse to let that happen.

If Obama extended free health care to every single citizen, cut taxes across the board to 5% and reduced unemployment to zero, I would still be calling him an idiot and a poltroon so long as he is mouthing this idiotic, Orwellian sound bite about fighting in Afghanistan to “deny al Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates space in which to plan their attacks.”

If there was the slightest bit of truth in that nonsense then he would not have issued an execution order on an American citizen who is hiding in Yemen, labeling said citizen as a “Global Terrorist Threat.”

The attack on the World Trade Center was planned in Germany, with training for it being done there and in Ft Lauderdale and San Diego. The inspiration was the rantings of Osama Bin Laden who happened to be in Afghanistan at the time but no longer is, so today we are spending billions of dollars and thousands of American lives to prevent the recurrence of planning where it never happened in the first place because it was inspired by a man who is not located where he was when the event took place.

By Obama’s insane logic we should be bombing and killing in Germany and the United States, not in Afghanistan. And, no, I do not actually think we should be doing that. Um, especially not in San Diego.

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  1. bruce9:48 AM

    The knock on your door is from the Patriotic Police in black suits and dark glasses.

    Dum de Dum Dum. Dum de Dum dum Dummmm....