Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Football Notes

SportsNation ranked Philip Rivers as one of the top five NFL quarterbacks, but predicted that his average yards per completion would decrease without Vincent Jackson. Wrong. Rivers threw to Jackson only because he was there; he is an equal opportunity thrower.

One of our local sports writers, who is usually not an idiot, is on a crusade to get the Chargers management to cave in and do whatever is necessary to end the holdout of McNeil and Jackson. I said he is usually not an idiot.

The NFL decided that the first game played in the new stadium in New Jersey would be between the Jets and the Giants, since they share the venue. Fair enough, except they overlooked that it meant that both New York Jets and Giants fans would be in the stands at the same time. That part of the plan was not particularly well thought out.

Bret Farve is in Minnesota and ESPN is hyperventilating over what he might be doing there. They covered live his plane landing in Minneapolis, and then televised helicopter coverage of his car driving into the Vikings compound. I've seen less attention paid to British royalty - in England.

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