Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Who's In Charge?

We are assured by the President that the government is completely in charge of the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet the only information released by the government is that between 11,000 and 25,000 barrels per day are leaking from the blown well. As to the amount being captured…

“BP says that they captured…” is the daily release. “BP says they will…” in terms of what will be done next. “BP announced…” as to what is ongoing.

Even the ridiculously erratic range of estimates of amount being released is based on data provided by BP and views from video released at BP’s discretion. In the media, article after article calmly states the uncertainty about the degree to which our waters are being fouled and not one of them takes the next, logical step; asking, “Why the hell do we not know?”

If the government were in charge, as is claimed, then we would not be reading media reports which begin, “BP says.”

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