Friday, June 11, 2010

Jayhawk Is An Idiot

There will be a temporary departure from my usual penetrating analysis and trenchant discussion of current events while I get my wits back together. I was recently notified of a new post at Tom Dispatch, the title of which was listed as “Juan Cole, Israel’s Gift To Iran’s Hard-liners.”

I was baffled by that in more than one dimension. For one thing, Juan Cole is not from Israel. For another, I read Juan Cole’s Informed Comment daily, and how anyone could regard him as any kind of “gift to Iran’s hard-liners” struck me as deeply weird, since he has always written of Israeli and the US policies toward Iran as being insane and quite stupid.

Of course I went to read the article; any article at Tom Dispatch is worth reading regardless of how confusing its headline might be. It didn’t take long to resolve my confusion. The article was not about Juan Cole as being any kind of gift to anyone, it was written by Juan Cole regarding Israel giving a gift to Iran’s hard-liners with their ill-conceived and poorly executed raid on the Gaza relief convoy. Ah yes, silly me.

Read the article. Both Informed Comment and Tom Dispatch are regular hits for me, and I recommend them to you. Even if Tom Engelhardt does mess with my mind once in a while.

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