Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chris Matthews is an Idiot

I watched his "Let Me Finish" last night, which is a bit unusual. Those things are so childish that I usually switch off as soon as I hear "Let..."

Apparently he is feeling that infamous "thrill up his leg" again, because he is now claiming that "Sarah Palin has a serious future in presidential politics." He goes on to compare her to, wait for it, Richard Nixon, because Nixon was at one time flat on his face and wound up winning. Matthews is so thrilled with this unique political insight that he is not limiting it to a one-evening speech; he has a blog at his website about it.

Except that, before he was flat on his face, Nixon was at one time taken seriously, too. He actually finished the terms of the offices to which he was elected. He knew where Guam is.

I should have stuck with my policy and cut him off at "Let..."

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