Monday, June 28, 2010

Senate Insanity

A the risk of being seen to lack sympathy for Senator Byrd's family and constituency, why does a state elect to the Senate, for a six-year term, a man who is 89 years old, visibly frail, and known to be in poor health? There is, of course, the question of why the man continued to seek that office, but why would the voters choose him?

I don't doubt that the people of the State of West Virginia loved the man, but electing a Senator is serious business. I love my cat, too, but I'm not going to vote for her as Senator from California. I want somebody who represents my interests and whom I know can serve out the term of office. His most recent election has baffled me since it occurred.

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  1. Hey, Jayhawk, say your comment on AL.

    Don't blame the voters on this one. Blame the Democratic Party in WV. Specifically the few people that participated in his endorsement. I'm not saying it's right, party endorsements are one of the most broken parts of the two party grip on power, but that's how it works.

    And he still was a reliable liberal vote on close, important questions. I have no idea, but I suspect the next newly elected Senator from WV will be more conservative than Byrd (and Rockefeller).