Thursday, June 17, 2010

Call it the "Pacific Conference"

So Utah has now joined the Pac 10, giving it 12 teams and making it no longer the Pac 11, which it was before it became the Pac 12 while still being called the Pac 10 for no discernable reason.

Note that the Big 12 now has 10 teams, while the Big 10 has 11 teams.

So the Big 10 is a larger conference than the Big 12. Okay.

I recently found out that in order to have a "championship game" a conference must have twelve teams, which is about as logical as most NCAA rules, but no one has yet suggested that the Pac 10, with its 12 teams, will have one or than the Big 12, with its 11 teams, will drop its championship game. Rules; it's all about rules.

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  1. I think there will be a major shake up with all conferences soon.