Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rock and Roll

quake mapThe folks down in Ocotillo got the stuffing beat out of them last night. We got seriously rattled by a 5.7 at 9:30pm, and in the next 20 minutes that same fault produced two more at 4.0+ and 11 that were over 3.0 in magnitude. All in 20 minutes.

The major one briefly disrupted a Padres-Toronto baseball game at Petco Park, with the Canadian players looking significantly more uncomfortable than the Padres did.

We have visitors coming from North Carolina who arrive tomorrow, so we're trying to pretend that earthquakes don't really happen here. That shaking is, um... Well, never mind.

Update: The Padres lost 6-3 last night and the Union-Tribune headline this morning was "Shaky night for Padres." Sigh.

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