Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keith Olbermann is a Jackass

Of course Olbermann discussed the McChrystal replacement story at great length last night without ever once mentioning or referring to his "Special Comment" of the night before in which he recommended the brilliant stroke of not replacing McChrystal. Last night the acceptance of McChrystal's resignation was not only a masterstroke of genius on Obama's part, it was the only possible choice available to him. How it could be both of those things at one and the same time is a bit unclear, but then we are dealing with the mind (?) of Keith Olbermann here.

He also touted a story posted on "The Oil Drum" which describes and prophesies an Armageddon-like doom scenario in the Gulf of Mexico. He admitted that they had no idea of the identity or credentials of the author of the piece, but nonetheless managed to lend considerable weight to it. I follow that website regularly, and had already read the piece and discarded it as the hysterical rantings of an idiot with a smattering of knowledge and no real expertise, but I guess we cannot expect Olbermann to be as discriminating when the prospect of dramatic "news" is in the offing.

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