Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Selling The War?

The discovery of resources wealth in Afghanistan is another subject on which I am reluctant to jump, but it just strikes me as suspicious. The New York Times article mostly cites anonymous "government officials" as sources, but it does say that the discovery is military. The only sources named are General Petraeus and an undersecretary of defense.

It comes at a time when the news of progress in the war is increasingly bad; that our presence is increasingly unwelcome and our tactics and strategy are failing badly. This just seems timed nicely to sell Congress on reasons why we need to continue. Additionally, the more I read the more it seems that this has all been known about for many years which, along with the source of the release being the military, adds to my suspicions as to the timing of this "big deal" news release.

Steve Hynd has a more exhaustive discussion at Newshoggers. I'm getting tired of thinking that my government is deceiving me, but in particular I'm getting tired of all of this publicity from the military, most of it self-adulatory and a great deal of it based on falsehood.

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