Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stellar Politicos

Duncan Hunter, R CA, was on Hardball Tuesday to dazzle us with his expertise on the subject of the necessity of maintaining a strong presence in Afghanistan and winning the battle against, and this is where things start to drift into lalaland, “the Islamofascists” there. Apparently no one told him that term went out of favor about the time George W. Bush moved to Dallas.

He finished by saying, “Yes, Chris, these are the people who have camels and will throw stones at us.” I swear, I am not making that up.

There is something to be concerned about besides the obvious issue of having people like Duncan Hunter and Michele Bachmann casting votes in Congress and determining the future of this nation, the thought of which sort of makes me shudder.

This guy served in the USMC, and it has to make one concerned about the caliber of our modern Marine Corps that a former officer of that service is lying awake at night worrying about our principal enemy being in the form of stone-throwing camel jockeys.

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