Friday, October 23, 2009

Mind Boggling

Nicholas Kristof begins an op-ed column in the New York Times on last Wednesday with this mind-blowing statement,

The United States was born of our ancestors’ nationalistic resentment of a foreign power whose troops we saw as occupiers, not protectors. The British never fathomed our basic grievance — this was our land, not theirs! — so the more they cracked down, the more they empowered the American insurgency.

This is absurd in more than one dimension.

He obviously has not spent much time hanging out, as I have, with people of the Navaho or Hopi nations.

"...our basic grievance — this was our land, not theirs!"   Say what?

In any case, does Kristoff understand that we were a colony, and what a colony is? Foreign power?!  It actually was their land. The English took it away from the Indians and, in the Revolution, we took it away from the English who, at the time, owned it.

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