Friday, October 30, 2009

Excellent Image (with update)

Honoring the FallenPresident Obama will soon make a decision regarding additional troops for Afghanistan. I probably will not agree with that decision, but seeing this image will certainly contribute to my respect for that decision.

Update: Saturday, 8:00am
President Obama is certainly not averse to photo ops and, indeed, this may have been one. I suspect, however, that it was not, since photo ops usually involve more than one camera and that camera person usually knows in advance that the President will be there.

The film of which that photo is a screenshot is the only film that is available of the event, and it was scheduled with permission of the family before it was known that the President was going to be coming. That would make it more of a photo coincidence than a photo operation.

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  1. Bill I disagree. I believe this to be a photo op. I am sorry to say that and maybe I am wrong.