Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sinking in the Mainstream

Chuck Todd was on Hardball yesterday opining that Obama has had nine whole months and has a lot of “balls in the air” but has not “closed the deal” on much of anything. He admitted that Obama did get the stimulus bill passed, but went on to say that not all the money has been spent, implying that even that accomplishment is of dubious value.

Presumably if Obama were more capable the money would all have been spent by now and unemployment would be down to 4% or so.

There was no mention, of course, that what is keeping all these “balls in the air” from actually landing is not Obama’s fecklessness, but rather the fact that Congress is, as my father would have phrased it, “about as useful as teats on a boar hog.” Chuck Todd even spoke of the delays on health care reform saying, “we’ve missed several deadlines that were supposed to be met in Congress” as if that were somehow Obama’s fault.

He even went so far as to say that the failure to secure the Olympics for Chicago typified Obama’s problem in getting things done and was a “punch in the gut” for his administration.

Good God, but the “mainstream media” has become a tired and sick joke.

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  1. bruce1:45 PM

    I think Congress become a tired and sick joke, too.