Monday, October 19, 2009

Power, PR and Football (updated)

Blogging is certainly difficult when you have no electric power all day, news is limited, and you miss some good football games. Eli Manning got humiliated, and I missed it.

Woke up Sunday morning with no power, and it didn't come back on until 6:30pm. No, it was not related to any weather event; we don't have weather in San Diego. Our weather forecasters go crazy trying to make our weather exciting, but the only imponderable is what time the "marine layer" will burn off and the sun will come out.

I will say this for SDG&E; they handle the public quite well. When I called the service line a recorded voice connected my phone number to my service address and asked if I was calling with respect to that address. When I affirmed that I was another recording informed me that they were aware of the outage, described the nature of the outage, and then said what time power was expected to be restored. When that time came and went with no power I called again and got an update on the time, and at no time did they provide a time which had already passed. After power was restored a live person called to verify that power had come back on. I'm not sure how they could have handled it any better.

Fortunately, the Chargers game is not until tonight. Well, it remains to be seen how fortunate that is; I may wind up wishing it had been played while my power was out.

Meanwhile, Florida is ranked first in the BCS, which shows how bogus the BCS is. Florida barely squeaked past Arkansas Saturday, while The Crimson Tide romped against a stronger opponent. I watched the Florida game, and Florida is not number one.

I did see the end of the Chicago/Atlanta game, and it once more proved to me that the "Cover 2" defense is a mistake anywhere on the field and that using it in the shadow of your own goal is just plain stupid.

Did the Raiders really beat Philadelphia? Really; that's not a misprint?

Update: Tuesday, 8:30am
Um, yes, it would have been better for my power to be out.

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  1. According to my friends that graduated from Purdue, something important happened in the Boilermakers game. But of course, I didn't watch any football this weekend either. We did get sunshine though, and a dog walk.