Sunday, October 04, 2009

Football Wrap

LSU won, but they did not look like a #4 team doing it. In the second half they did not look like a nationally ranked team. I have about as much chance of building a snowman in my front yard as they do of winning against Florida next week.

The Denver Broncos are 4-0, having beaten Dallas to get there? Really?

Meanwhile the Chargers are taking comfort in the fact that they "did not quit" after going down 28-0 to Pittsburgh tonight. Um, football is not like boxing; there is no provision for tossing a towel onto the field in surrender. The Chargers gave up 165 yards to one running back and 500+ yards overall. They didn't quit; to quit you have to start, which they never did.

And we have now answered the immortal question about how many Chargers are needed to tackle a Steeler. Answer, "More than three."

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  1. You are correct about LSU. I think they will lose at least 2 and possibly more SEC games this year.