Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris Matthews is an Idiot

Chris Matthews has been fulminating about how worried he is about the situation in Afghanistan. He’s expressed concern about the Taliban overwhelming the Army of Pakistan, taking control of the country and the world facing the problem of having “crazies with nuclear weapons.” He’s “worried about” that happening.

For the past two days he has been dithering about McChrystal’s plan to put small contingents of “our kids” (I assume he means our soldiers and Marines, many of whom are in their forties and fifties) in small outposts out in the boondocks of Afghanistan where the Taliban can pick them off. That would indeed be worrisome if McChrystal were actually planning on doing that. Apparently Matthews can’t read, or he doesn’t know what the term “defending population centers” means.

Yesterday he had Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, on to expound on the situation in Afghanistan, deferring to his expertise since Reed is a former serviceman. Reed kept referring to what the “Afghanis” need to do in the way of elections and self defense and such, and talking about the “Afghani Army.” He also talked about protecting the “Afghanis” from the Taliban. I assume he was talking about the people of Afghanistan, who are “Afghans,” and not the unit of currency of that nation, which is the “Afghani.” If one is going to pose as an expert on something, one should at least learn the terminology. Chris Matthews, of course, failed to notice that his guest was talking about money rather than people.

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