Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Petard Thing

Democrats are waxing ecstatic about Republican missteps lately, feeling assured of holding the Senate and regaining the House because, among other things, Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a registered Republican. Never mind that he holds no position in that party and no one can even verify that he votes Republican; the left is gleefully pointing out his party affiliation and asserting that “with blunders like this Republicans are going to lose big in the next election.”

Democrats believe that they can win the election merely by pointing out Republican errors. They failed to overturn Obamacare, for instance, and cost themselves votes in the process because “Obamacare is working” and people “love the program.” Actually, by a single percentage point, people dislike the program, but Democrats don’t let facts get in their way any more than Republicans do.

There’s this Picketty thing, which allows Democrats to talk about economic inequality. None of them actually offer any actual solution for it, other than tokens such as a 1% tax on the rich or a raise in the minimum wage, they just blame Republicans for it and claim that Republicans don’t want to put a stop to it.

Given the plethora of Republican missteps upon which they can dwell, Democrats seem not to feel that there is any need to offer any plans for what they themselves intend to do next.

Then the polls come out which say that Republicans are pumped up and ready to vote for Republican programs, insane as those programs are, while apparently Democrats have tired of the name calling and lack of policy because they have no enthusiasm and are increasingly unlikely to vote at all. That’s actually rather predictable, and Democrats are responding with a “get out the vote” campaign, in effect saying, “We know we have given you nothing to vote for, but vote anyway because voting is important even when you aren’t voting for anything.”

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