Saturday, April 05, 2014


Back in December of last year Florida State University was on its way to a national championship and its quarterback, Jameis Winston, was a leading contender for the Heisman Trophy. Then charges arose that he had been involved in raping a girl on the FSU campus, and that both the team’s championship and his Heisman Trophy were in jeopardy.

As soon as the rumor surfaced I predicted that he would be cleared within two weeks or less, that there would never be anything more than a rumor, and that the status of the player and the university would be unaffected. I did not say that because I believed he was innocent, but because I knew that it didn’t matter whether he had done it or not.

So now we find, from USA Today yesterday, that I was entirely correct. The girl was told if she pursued the case her life “would be made miserable,” not by the men boys who did the rape, but by school officials and law officers, and the case was for all practical purposes not investigated.

What mattered was what the school and the quarterback got; a national championship and a Heisman Trophy. The girl; well the girl just didn’t matter at all. This is America, after all, and we have our priorities.

Ask Hillary Clinton. According to her, we are fighting a war thousands of miles away so that women in Afghanistan can have better lives.

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  1. Good point. A lot of people believe this one was swept under the rug. Not to say that Winston was guilty of anything but...something is just not right. FSU wouldn't be the first university, pro team, or company to cover up the crimes of the "big men on campus."