Thursday, April 03, 2014

No Logic Anywhere

NASCAR is proposing a rule change next year, one which will reduce engine power of the race cars. I’m not sure what the purpose of making race cars run slower is, but NASCAR is not exactly noted for doing logical things. “The racing really sucks,” say the fans, so NASCAR responds by making the race cars slower. You figure it out.

I am reminded of A.J. Foyt commenting at Indianapolis some years ago, "Hell, if we're going to hold taxicab races, let's get some damned taxicab drivers out here to run in them."

Of course, most NASCAR drivers today actually are taxicab drivers. The concept of putting the hammer down and nursing a loose car out of the turn onto a straightaway is a foreign concept to them. "I'm loose off," (exiting a turn) they scream at their crew chiefs, "I can't use the gas at all," and demand that the crew chief do something to fix the car.

"A quarter pound of air" in the right rear tire, forsooth.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. would put his car sideways going 200 mph at Talledega and, when asked if he was okay after he recovered it without losing position, laconically comment, "Yeah I’m okay. The car's a little loose."

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