Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Logical Thinking Is Also Rare

Reuters tells us yesterday that “NATO suspended all practical cooperation with Russia” due to it’s “annexation of Crimea.” The entirety of the NATO response to Russia’s moves regarding Ukraine are a real study in a failure of logic. I'd say a certain amount of arrogance is involved as well.

While demanding that Russia pull its troops, which are actually on Russian soil, away from Ukraine, in effect dictating to Russia how it must move its military forces within its own borders, NATO is moving fighter jets and other military forces into the Baltic States to “reassure them” against the threat from Russian forces which are still located in Russia.

Better yet, the article says that NATO “expects Russia's cooperation with NATO in Afghanistan - on training counter-narcotics personnel, maintenance of Afghan air force helicopters and a transit route out of the war-torn country to continue.” So while NATO is suspending all cooperation with Russia on anything Russia wants to do, it expects Russia to continue cooperating with NATO on anything NATO wants to do.

What it takes to engage in that kind of thinking beggars the imagination.

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