Friday, April 11, 2014

Chopped Garlic

I started to read a piece the other day that was about how one should never use the chopped garlic that comes in a jar. I got as far as the first reason, which is that "it is peeled by subjecting it to a blast of air that can blow the flavor away," and decided that I needed to read no farther and could comfortably continue to use chopped garlic that comes in a jar.

If I am making something that features and depends on the garlic flavor, Scampi for instance, I will use fresh garlic and peel it while preparing the dish. Other than that, Christopher Ranch is my friend.

Going out on a Smarties expedition later today. I haven't had them in quite a while, and I need some Smarties. (Like this is Facebook, or something.)

1 comment:

  1. bruce8:47 AM

    "blow the flavor away" ?? excuse me? boggles the mind... I don't use the jar stuff, it has additives I don't like. The only time prepared garlic would have come in handy was when I made 40 clove garlic chicken, which was very good.

    I would make a smart comment about your Smarties, but that wouldn't be smart.