Thursday, April 17, 2014


This Ukraine thing has descended into complete detachment from reality, with a reporter, for instance, asking a man on a Ukraine street why he is wearing a mask, getting a reply that “That is a stupid question,” which it is, and the network airing that exchange as if it meant something. I was surprised they didn’t edit it out, and I suspect they didn’t realize that the man in the mask had made a valid point.

President Obama was interviewed by CBS and shown sternly castigating Putin for “actively supporting armed militias within the boundaries of a sovereign nation in violation of international law.” All that was needed was a map of Syria on the wall in the background to complete the perfection of irony in that scene, because not only are we doing precisely that in Syria, we are actually bragging about it. In fact it was only Putin’s intervention that prevented us from actively bombing in support of those armed militias in that sovereign nation.

Obama also keeps making reference to “the legitimate government” in Ukraine. Perhaps he was not paying attention when it happened, but the government in Ukraine that was actually created by an election was thrown out of the building by armed men wearing masks who had taken the building by force, and who then installed their own guys to run the government. I don’t know what planet Obama is living on, but on this planet that bears no resemblance whatever to a “legitimate government.”

When the Army did that in Egypt he called it an “armed coup,” but when armed masked men do it in Ukraine he calls it a “legitimate government.” His definitions are becoming more and more difficult to follow.

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