Thursday, April 17, 2014

Executive Action

President Obama announced a $600 million jobs training program yesterday. That’s a good thing; populist in nature and supportive of the working class. The money, we are told “was already allocated” and is merely being diverted so it does not require Congressional action.

Well, okay, but what was the money allocated for? The money was allocated by Compress and I don’t think it was allocated as a sort of presidential slush fund. It’s quite a bit of money, even for the government. So what were the original intentions of Congress for that money?

Well, it was only Congress and their intentions don’t matter if the President has other ideas, so I guess we don’t even need to know what Congress wanted done with that money. Besides, Congress isn’t popular, and the President is.

1 comment:

  1. bruce8:53 AM

    A well received populist speech, and has enough vagueness that if it doesn't come to pass, it can be explained or blamed away. And meanwhile, he gets the credit for "reaching out to the people"...