Monday, November 18, 2013

Football Musings

When the Chargers score 16 points and lose against the Dolphins, why does all of the San Diego sports media blame the defense? Admittedly the defense stunk, but the offense scored one touchdown and three field goals, and that is going to lose the game about 90% of the time. The defense probably set a new league record for missed tackles, but the offense dropped passes and Philip Rivers crossed the line of scrimmage before throwing a forward pass. Plenty of blame to go around.

Why would the Steelers choose to wear those throwback uniforms? In case you didn't see them, they wore canvas pants and had horizontal orange and black stripes on both jerseys and socks. Looked like a Halloween jailbreak.

Why did Sunday Night Football decide to replace Faith Hill with an anorexic skank whose voice sounds like fingernails on a blackboard? I had to mute the television until that part was over.

Auburn utterly dominated Georgia for 50 minutes Saturday, and I was thinking they might give Alabama a pretty good run in two weeks. Then they gave up 21 points in eight minutes and I decided maybe not. Just for fun, though, they finally won the game just as the clock expired with what was probably the most unlikely 80-yard touchdown pass completion I've ever seen in 50+ years of watching college football.

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  1. Bruce9:46 AM

    I thought the Steelers looked like a bunch of bumblebees. Fortunately for them, they won.

    What about the USC vs Stanford, won on a last minute field goal?