Friday, November 01, 2013

Bending The Cost

We just got the information for next year's health insurance from my wife's employer. Between premiums and increases in deductibles and copays, what we pay for health care next year will increase by 77% over our cost in 2013. "Health care reform" is doing such a wonderful job of "bending the curve" of the cost of health care. 77% increase.

2013's increase was 25%, and 2012's was 30%. Helluva job, Democrats.

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  1. bruce9:09 AM

    they bent it all right. A lot of people will be angry at the increases (and the current difficulty with the gov website), and they will get the publicity. What is less heralded is the one who had none before and now will be able to get it (at any cost), and the ones who actually pay less. Of course, nothing happens in a vacuum, and the so-called subsidies come right out of taxpayers pockets, so they (ie, all of us) are paying for it anyway.

    The two biggest problems with the Rubs trying to shut it down is (1) they have no alternative and (2) they are using it as a political hot potato.

    Both sides are full of it. Never mind the voters who seem to want something for nothing.