Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winning The Battle

lego maniaMolly had her second round of chemotherapy this week. Due to worry about a possible flareup of her pancreatitis, she first had an untrasound which not only did not reveal any bad news, it revealed that she has responded to the first treatment round much better than was expected. If she continues to eat, poop and not throw up, she doesn't have to return to the vet for three weeks, when she will get the last round of treatment.

The vet staff is greatly enamored of her, in part due to her rather rare coloring. She is a tiny and very meek little girl and her vocal protests consist of quiet little squeaks. When she is really fed up she will look her tormenter in the eye and hiss, which cracks them up because she has never been known to threaten to use her teeth or claws.

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  1. Hooray for Molly! and kudo to you two and the vet staff. btw, why is her coloring rare?