Friday, November 15, 2013

"We Fumbled The Rollout"

Obama said yesterday that “We fumbled the rollout” of the Obamacare plan, but didn’t seem overly heartbroken about it. “Fumbled” is something of an understatement, actually, given the constant stream of executive orders delaying various features of the program because the specific rules for that feature had not yet been worked out. Now he’s saying that people can keep insurance policies which have already been cancelled. Anyone who believes that will work should contact me about buying a bridge.

He did not explain why, with three full years to prepare for it, they have so badly “fumbled the rollout” of the Democrats’ signature program. After seven years of castigating the Republicans for incompetence, and with three years to prepare for it, they “fumble the rollout” of the program which is most vitally important to their image.

No one seems to question how it is that the president can change, by executive order, a law that has been passed by Congress. That is a mere constitutional detail, and when the president wants to do something we pay very little attention to that outdated document any more.

Implementation of “health care reform” was delayed for three years, with the reason never being very clearly stated. Supposedly it was so that everyone could prepare for its implementation; so they would be ready for it. We now know, of course, that it was to assure that this fiasco didn’t happen while Obama was running for reelection.

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