Saturday, November 09, 2013

How Do You Like Your Duck?

Roasted, toasted, fried, stewed, boiled, or sauteed? Doesn't matter, Stanford only cooks Duck one way; mashed.

Stanford led 26-0 in the fourth quarter, and had completed just seven passes. The Ducks knew Tyler Gaffney was going to run the ball. The Ducks knew where he was going to run the ball. The Ducks knew the entire Stanford team was going to run over them like a dump truck going over a speed bump.

One did not need to speculate about which gap Gaffney was going to run through; there were no gaps in Stanford's offensive line. They were not shoulder-to-shoulder prior to the snap, they were hipbone-to-hipbone. That offensive line has incurred one holding penalty in the entire year. As a former linbacker, that game gave me nightmares for two nights, causing me to wake up in a cold sweat.


  1. bruce8:54 AM

    you were a linebacker?

  2. I will say that this one surprised me. Big time.