Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bayou Bunglers

I'm not surprised by LSU's loss to Alabama, I was expecting it since Alabama is the better team, but I am a bit surprised by the nature of it. The game was not as close as the score would indicate. Alabama dropped three easy interceptions that might well have made it 59-17; a score which would have reflected the actual level of competition.

Les Miles has improved LSU’s offense, or Cam Cameron has, but he apparently cannot do two things at once as Nick Saban can, because the defense has suffered in the process. That crowd might have looked okay in some other uniform, Slippery Rock College, perhaps, or a Pac-12 school, but in the Tiger purple and gold they stunk.

They were standing up at the line of scrimmage, committing late hits, face masks, and unprofitable pass interference penalties, missing tackles more often than making them, and their closing speed in the secondary was pathetic. Alabama only gained 179 yards passing, but 100 yards of that was legged out after the ball was caught. Les Miles brags about a “hard hitting” defense, which they may be, but they are also slow as hell, and uncoordinated as a bag of puppies, only not as cute.

It’s not surprising they’ve lost 3 games, it’s surprising they’ve won 7.

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  1. It is entirely possible that the Tigers are not the best college ball team in the state. The Cajuns may just be better at this point in the season.