Thursday, November 21, 2013

Agreement, What Agreement?

John Kerry, who looks foolish under the best of circumstances, comes out of meetings with Karzai yesterday and announces pontifically that an agreement has been reached to permit our troops to remain in Afghanistan after the 2014 deadline that Obama announced several years ago for their total withdrawal. He did not explain why in the world we would want to do such a nonsenical thing.

He mentioned in passing that the agreement needed to be approved by the loya jirga and the Afghan Parliment, but seemed to regard those as mere trivial details. Consensus seems to be that passage by those bodies is about as likely as a July ice storm in Miami. Or, perhaps, the Chargers winning the Super Bowl.

Karzai, who has a real talent for making American politicians look foolish, including Kerry who doesn't really need any help, then announces the following day that no agreement will be signed until after the American 2014 elections, at which point he will deal with Hillary Clinton the newly elected president. American foreign policy at it's best.

Update:, Friday morning: Aha, wrong election. He was not talking about our new president, he was talking about Afghanistan's new president. I need to read things more carefully.

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  1. bruce7:28 PM

    2014 is the midterm elections, 2016 is the presidential election, of which the winner will take office 1-20-2017, which is more than 3 years away. Which is more than 2 years after the time we're supposed to be out of there, on 12-31-2014.