Saturday, August 03, 2013

Threat Matrix

We have been “killing our way to safety” for more than four years under Barack Obama’s program of using unmanned drones to “cut off the head” of terrorist organizations. We have killed the “number two man” in Al Queda so many times that I have lost count. We killed Osama bin Laden and then, later, the “number one man” who replaced him. We have been killing terrorists using unmanned drones in half a dozen nations in the Middle East and North Africa with whom we are not at war for half a decade.

According to President Obama the program is working. He has told us that we “have Al Queda on the run,” and that in Afghanistan we are “denying them space in which to plan their attacks.” He tells us that Al Queda is “decimated” and has been reduced “to a remnant.” He says, in effect, that we are winning the war on terror.

Then why are we closing embassies and issuing travel warnings, saying that a large portion of the planet has become unsafe for Americans to travel because of an Al Queda threat? We are still in Afghanistan “denying them space in which to plan their attacks,” so apparently they can plan attacks in places other than Afghanistan. Who could have imagined that? We’ve killed all of their leaders, several times in fact, so apparently they’ve come up with new leaders. Jeez, how did they do that?

Keeping America safe, baby, keeping America safe.

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  1. bruce5:33 PM

    Somehow I am reminded of the "body counts" in the Vietnam War. Not the metric by which we should be measuring.