Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kudos To The FBI

I poke sarcasm at the FBI regarding some of their little “stings” where they persuade idiots to plant bombs, sell them play dough, and then parade them as masterminds of terror, but I have to give them credit for the manner in which they handled the abduction and hostage case this past week.

They deployed the Amber Alert system in multiple states, used media publicity in a professional and constructive manner, and when they got the tip they moved swiftly and accurately and resolved the issue every bit as perfectly as any of us could have hoped. This was the FBI the way we want them to be. Well done.

And, they even rescued the cat.

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  1. bruce7:39 PM

    "His sister, Lora Robinson has taken possession of her brother's cat, Princess, from Hannah Anderson, Spanswick said. DiMaggio, a cat-lover, took Princess while on the run, and the cat was reunited with Hannah after the rescue." quote MSN