Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CBS Becomes The Comedy Channel

CBS Evening News manages to get on the wrong side of everything; following, of course, the lead of the Obama administration. It would be comedic if the misguidedness of it weren’t so damned tragic.

For months they were bleating about the “terrible plight” of the Syrian rebel cause, running film clips provided by the rebels, and citing statistics and quoting rebel fighters accusations uncritically; providing no balancing information from the Assad government's point of view. They made it sound as if Assad was lurking in one small of the corner of the country, bunkered with a tiny handful of loyalists who were defecting from him in droves.

In reality Assad did and still does have the loyalty of a majority of the Syrian population, something like 56% the last time I saw any specific citation. In particular he has the strong support of a sizeable Syrian Christian community, who will be slaughtered to the last person if the rebels win. No one seems to find it odd that Obama and our news media wants a government overthrown which is protecting a Christian population.

Now CBS News is presenting the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt’s last hope for a democratic government, notwithstanding that that organization was actually in the process of corrupting the democratic government and installing a theocratic state, that more than three million people had been in the streets demanding the overthrow of the Morsi government, and that the Army enjoys the enthusiastic support of some 80% of the Egyptian population. Not to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood is burning Christian churches and killing Christians all over Egypt.

CBS News seems to be uncritically enamored of the overthrow of dictators and/or the unconditional support of uprisings, except when the dictator and the uprising is in Bahrain, Qatar or in Saudi Arabia. In those cases not so much, because those dictators are our dictators.

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    if Morsi hadn't kept the Camp David Treaty and hadn't closed the tunnels, CBS would have turned on him and stay turned. It must trust the MB to stay neolib in economics and soft on Palestine.