Friday, August 09, 2013

All Things Are Relative

Time is actually around, believe it or not, and displays another example of its irrelevance yesterday with an article applauding Obama for canceling a visit with Putin prior to the G20 summit meeting next month. They are highly pleased that Obama worked up the courage to kick Putin in the gonads, or at slap him in the face, or whatever it is that this cancellation represents.

Reading between the lines, I’m thinking that the Russians were a lot less impressed by the cancellation than Time was. The Russian media barely mentioned it in passing, while American media has been hyperventilating about it for days. Of course, Russians don’t think our president is quite as overwhelmingly important as we do.

“The actual news — that Obama had decided not to meet with his Russian counterpart before, after or during the G20 summit in St. Petersburg next month — was clearly not something the official spin doctors wanted to advertise,” according to the Time piece.

Or, perhaps, they simply didn’t think it mattered all that much.

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