Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small Worries

Like everyone else I was grateful to hear that Hanna was rescued alive and unharmed, or at least not injured. I have to admit that I have some small satisfaction that DiMaggio was killed; apparently he wanted to happen, and these long drawn out trials can make things even worse for the family.

One little thing nags at me. I keep telling myself it's trivial, but I can't shake it off. It's reported that DiMaggio had taken a gray cat with him into the Idaho wilderness and no one is saying what happened to the cat. The poor thing is not equipped to survive in that wilderness, particularly not in winter, and I wonder if anyone rescued the cat.

Update, Tuesday evening, The cat was rescued by the FBI: The feline was found Sunday morning by an FBI SWAT team securing the crime scene, according to U-T San Diego. “He rode out at shift change with the team to safety,” FBI Special Agent Jason Pack said of the pet. He was returned to 16-year-old Hannah on Sunday.


  1. bruce8:51 AM

    First I've heard about a cat. Poor thing (if it's true).

    I was wondering about the "unhealthy fascination" that the deceased had with the teenager and why wasn't that addressed?

  2. bruce8:50 AM

    If they were sharp eyed and saw the cat, that would have stood out. Plus pajama bottoms? good for the girl and her kitty.