Saturday, August 10, 2013

Filner Update

It appears that Filner has finished his inpatient sexual attitude treatment, a week ahead of schedule. It is being claimed that he started it a week early and completed the two weeks that he said he was going to undertake, but that is crap. That would mean he left town in July, and he clearly did nothing of the sort. He cut the treatment short.

While he was out of town the last two City Council members turned against him, so the Council is now unanimous in demanding that he resign. The locks on his office were changed while he was away, and the City Attorney says that he doesn’t know why that was done but that he has no problem with it. Given the relationship between Goldsmith and Filner, that comes as no surprise.

Labor union leadership is about the only support remaining in his camp, saying that the mayor is entitled to due process and should not resign. They may be out of touch with how their rank and file members feel.

Filner is “taking some personal time,” which is understandable but hardly constructive under the circunstances. The shit through which he is wading is getting deeper by the day, and remaining in the proverbial “undisclosed location” is not doing much to lower the level.

I particularly like the bit about changing the locks on his office.

1 comment:

  1. bruce5:46 PM

    He'll probably say that he did in a 12 hour day not 8 so he "finished early" or some such illogic. Maybe he's "getting personal counseling" along with his personal time...

    Union leaders not listening to the rank and file isn't anything new. Nor is politicians not listening to the constituents, either. And I like the locks change too.

    Oh, can the city council do anything to curtail his power or office or anything? Or he has to be recalled?