Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sometimes We Need A Reminder

Watching an episode of “Chopped” today, one of the contestants was a young woman whose parents brought her to this country from the Ukraine when she was a young child, escaping from a collapsing Soviet Union. When asked why she was competing today she started by saying, “I want to show my parents that my success is worthy of their struggle.”

She went on to say that her parents had been esteemed professionals in the Ukraine and, like many refugees, had been reduced to working as menial laborers in this country. As she grew up she watched them rebuild their lives and regain professions worthy of their educations and experience again, after years of hard work and patience. “It is the story of their lives,” she said, “that motivates me.”

How can you not be inspired by such a person?

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  1. bruce5:40 PM

    yes inspired indeed, especially one who is proud and grateful of her parents.