Thursday, January 24, 2013

Women In Combat

So we’re going to deploy women in front line combat and some people are worried about whether or not women can cope with the physical and emotional stress of combat. Oh, really?

My guess is that women will handle physical and emotional stress of combat, if anything, better than men do. They handle childbirth, which would turn the average man into a gibbering idiot, and many of them do it multiple times, and on purpose. I’ve even seen them look forward to it.
How many men would look forward to getting their kneecaps broken?

Think about it; when a couple breaks up, whose clothing is on the lawn?

I think the reason we have kept women out of combat has to do with the “cruel and unusual punishment” thing in our constitution and we only now decided that doesn’t apply to our enemies in time of war, but isn’t there something in the Geneva Convention about deploying “terror weapons” in battle?


bruce said...

So women are "terror weapons"? I've heard of all female combat groups that were pretty mean. Or is it that we don't want women in combat because war, fighting, possible abuse, etc are subject to "Cruel & Unusual Punishment" ?

momlee said...

Spoken like the little brother of a female Korean veteran. Kept being told I couldn't do something "because you're a girl". I did just about all those things.
Hooray that women are finally being given their due!!!
(Any chance Jayhawk's vision of women may have been influenced by his big sister? Both of them, actually).

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